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1.Tower Malting System

basic information
Tower Malting System
Yinxing Company have close cooperation with COFCO which is the top 10 malt industry, one of the world's top 500; Asia's largest malt manufacturer, the world's third largest malt manufacturer - Shun Tai Mai bud Group、Supertime Development Limited ; the most famous beer company in China - Tsingtao Brewery; the largest national brand beer company in China - Yanjing Beer; the world's largest malt producer - French Malteurop and other high-end companies, and have designed and installed a series of malt system and craft malting system for them. In China, we have a resounding reputation;
Tower malting is the top technology of malting technology in the world for now. 
According to the market demand, our company has invested a lot of money, manpower and material resources. Since 1999, we have been committed to the research on the technology and equipment of tower malting, and has repeatedly summarized the advantages and disadvantages of tower malting equipment through multiple investigations. Now our tower malting process, equipment design and production has been perfect. We are the first domestic manufacturer of tower malting design and production, and has successively produced and put into use including;80,000 tons of malting line in JSNK, 180,000 tons of malt production line in Dalian Xingze Malt Processing Co., 100,000 tons line in Shandong Haiyue, 100,000 tons line in Hubei Jinwei, 150,000 tons line in Jiangsu Taizhou, 80,000 tons line in Gansu Xiangyong and the 200,000-ton production line of Hubei Haiyue Malt. 
At present, we are working together to build Yinxing into the largest malt production system company. We are willing to join hands with you to add a strong touch to the world's malting industry!