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3. steeping

basic information

Steeping tank is equipment for steeps classified barley with water,so as to wash the kernels,and clean out impurities like sand ,dirt and floating wheat;also provide water and oxygen while the barley getting germinate,adding lime milk during steeping can takes out the harmful substances from the grain husk;after steeping,water content of the barley can increased from 14 percent to 45 percent,and brings germination.




Steeping System purpose:
 Wash Barley
Increase the barley water content to make it germination (First seed water content 12%, after Steeping the water content increase to 43%-48%)
 Stainless steel vessels
 Pressure aeration with rotary-piston blower
 CO2-suction with ventilator/fan
 CO2-suction and cleaning system
Adjustable overflow system for floating barley


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