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4. Germination

basic information

The germination tank can spread, unload and mix the malt layer up and down to make malt layer well ventilated and even the temperature (humidity) , in order to completely meet the technological requirements of malt kilning, so as to obtain uniform and tidy malt.
This equipment has reasonable design structure, stable operation and high degree of automation. It is the best equipment for improving the quality of malt and shortening the production time.
The germination vessel has better aeration and even temperature & humidity, which can satisfy the customers’ requirement on malting techniques. With more than 30 years of cooperation with malting companies, we are very confident on producing stable quality and homogeneous malt with our equipment. This equipment is our patent one. 
We can design the products according to your requirements which including the material and production capacity of the products, and can also provide our standard equipment.
The whole equipment is composed of seven parts: center pillar, malt fliping and stirring device, spreading and unloading device, lifting device, spinning device, spinning platform, feeding pipe.

The malt fliping and stirring device consists of a tank-type girder and 21 vertical malt turning auger shafts. The tank-type girder are welded with high-quality steel plates, and the structure is firm, stable and good rigidity. The weight of the whole germination tank points on the center pillar and the two spinning wheels of the spinning device, and the two spinning wheels are supported on the circular guide rail. Each vertical malt turning auger consists of two parts, the transmission shaft and the turning auger shaft, which are connected together by a coupling. The transmission shaft is positioned by the upper and lower bearing seats with built-in self-aligning bearings, and is equipped with a strict sealing device, which can prevent the leakage of lubricating oil and avoid contaminating the grain. The 21 transmission shafts are driven by four reducers respectively, and the transmission shafts are connected by linkage gears. Due to the different turning directions between the adjacent two shafts, the auger shafts in the corresponding helical direction are matched to achieve the purpose of turning the grain upwards. There is a rubber plate at the bottom of the turning shaft blade that is in contact with the screen plate, so that the bottom material can also be stirred up, flawless and not hurting the grains. When the auger blade is worn out, the coupling can be disassembled, the malt turning auger shaft can be removed, and a new malt turning auger shaft can be replaced, so the maintenance is very convenient. The working principle of the device is that the auger shaft is vertically inserted into the green malt for rotating motion, and the rotation of each auger shaft is perfectly matched with the spiral direction of the auger blades, leading the green malt to wavy up and down along the arrangement direction of the shaft. Driven by the spinning gear, the entire row of auger shafts rotate along the circular guide rail, so that the up and down, vertical and horizontal stirring can make the grain well ventilated and the temperature as well as humidity required by the germination process.




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